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Welcome to Moorgate Forklifts: Forklift Hire, Sales and Training in Leeds

Founded in 1987, Moorgate Forklifts has been serving local businesses’ material handling needs for over a quarter of a century. We offer used and new forklift and pallet truck vehicles for sale or hire as well as offering driver training along with quality service, maintenance and repairs.
We offer an array of lifting equipment to suit any job and any budget. Specialising in reach and counterbalance vehicles, our knowledge and experience means you will get the right forklift or pallet truck for your needs.
Our open and honest approach means that we won’t try to sell you anything that isn’t right for your requirements. We also offer after sales support, safeguarding you from additional costs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Improve your efficiency and profitability 
  •  Moorgate’s honest and open approach will always find you the right solution for the job.

  • Peace of mind
  •  You can trust us to provide the right solution, with warranties and after sales support to minimize additional costs.

  • Material Handling Specialists
  •  We have over 25 years trusted expertise in offering new and used trucks and services. 

  • Our Values

 We are open and honest – we won’t sell you anything that isn’t right for you.

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What Our Customers Say

Customer service is excellent. Everything from repairs to servicing has been done to the highest standard from day one.

Greg Ward, Operations Manager
Endon Lighting.
 I would always recommend Moorgate because you know they’ll deliver a prompt, flexible and reliable service.

Tony Steele, Operations Manager
John Boddy Timber
We’ve used Moorgate for over 20 years because they do things right! Great friendly service, local and reliable.

Steve Harryman, Fleet Manager
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