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What’s happening in the world of materials handling right now? How can your forklifts help you improve your operations? What are the key considerations for choosing a forklift?

You’ll find the answers to these questions, and more, in our blog, which is designed to keep you up-to-date on industry news and more. You’ll also be able to find out all about our latest products and company developments plus, any other Moorgate-related news as it happens.

Top forklift and pallet picks for 2022

See the latest forklift trucks and Lithium-ion pallet tucks as picked by Neil. Get set for another busy year.

The fundamentals of forklift driver training

Find out why professional forklift truck driver training is the most efficient way to equip your team.

Lithium powered forklifts – what you need to know

What are lithium-ion powered forklifts and why are businesses switching to them?

Hiring: Forklift Field Service Engineer

An excellent opportunity for a Forklift Field Service Engineer to join our team.

How to water a forklift battery

Find out how to water a forklift battery and the reasons why you must do it regularly.

Guide to common forklift types by industry

What type of forklift is most popular in your industry? See forklift types by applications.

Guide to forklift truck hire in Yorkshire – the process

See how easy it is to get the forklifts your business need, for the time you need them.

Guide to buying forklifts for your business – what to ask

Get the easy guide to buying forklifts and see the commonly asked questions you should consider.

New forklift technologies and trends for 2021

See the new forklift technologies and trends to help you go the distance in 2021.

The best lifting equipment for warehouses 2020

See this guide to the best lifting equipment for warehouses and find out our top picks.

The basics of diesel forklift maintenance

See this guide to diesel forklift maintenance and find out how to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Easy guide to electric forklift maintenance

Read electric forklift maintenance advice and get the most from your forklift and its battery.

Need forklift servicing for your business in Yorkshire?

Find out about how we’ve made forklift servicing safe and contact free.

Need forklift truck repairs in Yorkshire?

Get contact less forklift truck repairs from a safe social distance. Find out the process.

Can I still get a refresher forklift driver training certificate?

Get the latest advice from Health and Safety Executive regarding forklift driver training and refresher courses in light of COVID-19.

Answered: How much does a used forklift truck cost?

Get the low down on what you can expect to pay and what to look for when buying.

The dangers of casual forklift training

While it may be tempting to cut corners by embarking on casual driver training, it’s not advisable. Here we explore the dangers associated with venturing down this route.

Why it’s worth buying through an official forklift truck dealer

It’s worth buying through an official forklift truck dealer for several key reasons. Find out what they are in this blog that summarises the benefits.

Here’s how to get forklift certified

Looking to get forklift certified? Find out what the driving training course entails in this blog.

How to increase your efficiency when things get busy

Short term forklift truck hire for busy periods represents real value. Find out more about the benefits of short term forklift truck hire.

Why choose an electric forklift?

Thinking of investing in an electric forklift? Find out why they’re such a good choice in this guide.

How to safely clean forklift trucks

Take a look at this guide to safely cleaning forklift trucks.

A quick guide to pedestrian forklifts

Find out what to look for when choosing a pedestrian forklift that’s right for your business in this guide.

A quick guide to counterbalance forklift trucks

Find out what to look for when selecting a counterbalance forklift truck that’s right for your business in this guide.

Forklift won’t start? It could be these causes…

Forklift won’t start? Take a look at this list of possible causes.

Infographic: Winter forklift safety advice

Take a look at this forklift safety infographic and find out how to stay safe and look after your vehicles and operators during the winter.

What does a forklift service typically involve?

Find out what a forklift service typically involves in this short guide.

Reliable forklift hire in West Yorkshire

Looking for reliable forklift hire in West Yorkshire, from manufacturers like Yale, Samuk and Nexen? Here’s how to keep your site running with the right vehicles…

Here’s why overloading a forklift is a big no-no

Overloading forklifts can cause dangerous accidents. Find out what the risks are in this blog.

Infographic: Forklift Buying Guide

Take a look at everything you need to think about before buying a forklift truck for your business in this infographic.

Why is my forklift overheating?

Is your forklift regularly overheating? Find out what could be causing the issue and how to solve it.

Infographic: Every day checks for your forklift truck

To keep your site safe and your forklift trucks properly maintained, there are a number of vehicle checks that should be carried out daily. Check them out in this infographic.

Have you tried these 7 warehouse safety hacks?

Rigorous safety procedures are essential when working around forklift vehicles and heavy moving loads. Here are 7 warehouse safety hacks.

Trusted forklift suppliers for over 30 years

Take a look at these photos from the early days of Moorgate Forklifts. We’ve come a long way over the last 31 years!

How to get the most from your electric forklift’s battery life

You can save time and money if you look after the battery within your electric forklift. Find out how in this blog.

5 things to check before buying a used forklift

Buying a used forklift? Check out this list of things you must check first before buying.

Winter forklift safety and maintenance advice

Learn how to stay safe and look after your forklift vehicles and team during the winter.

How to avoid doing long-term damage to your forklifts

Discover one of the most common ways forklift operators unwittingly damage their trucks in this blog from one of our Moorgate engineers.

Take a sneak peek inside our Leeds forklift headquarters

Take a look inside our Leeds workshop to see how the whole team works to provide you with the very best vehicles.

What are the benefits of using an LPG forklift truck?

Find out why an LPG forklift truck could be the right choice for your business.

Infographic: Everyday checks for forklift truck drivers

Find out what pre-operation checks should be carried out to help forklift truck drivers stay safe in this infographic.

What are the benefits of an electric forklift truck?

Find out why an electric forklift could be the right choice for your business.

Top 5 forklift safety hazards and how to avoid them

Discover the top 5 most common forklift safety hazards and how they can be avoided.

How the right forklifts can reduce costs this spring

At Moorgate, we carry out forklift maintenance checks and repairs to keep your vehicles in safe and working condition all year round.

Moorgate Forklifts support Leeds young rugby talent

Find out how we support our local Leeds junior rugby club in our latest blog.

Common forklift problems and how to fix them

Noticed an issue with your forklift? We’ve pulled together a few common forklift problems and how best to deal with them.

Have you carried out essential winter forklift maintenance?

We carry out forklift maintenance checks and repairs to keep your vehicles in safe and working condition for the winter months.

Pros and Cons: What type of forklift is right for my business?

We’ve put together the pros and cons of choosing an electric, diesel or LPG forklift into this infographic to help you decide which is best for your business.

Are you clued up on these common forklift hazards?

Operating a forklift every day, it becomes second nature. Read our 5 everyday hazards to watch out for to avoid complacency.

Which type of forklift should I be using?

There are a few subtle differences which you need to consider before buying or hiring a forklift. These are the types of forklifts you should choose from.

Choosing the right forklift for your business

Buying in or hiring a forklift is a big investment. We offer expert advice on choosing the right forklift for businesses around Leeds.

Keep your business moving with forklift maintenance servicing

We carry out forklift maintenance checks and repairs to keep your vehicles in safe and working condition all year round.

Why choose a diesel forklift?

An electric truck might not be practical for your needs, an LPG might not either, so how does a diesel truck compare?

Why choose an LPG forklift?

Is LPG right for your business? Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the LPG forklift truck in this blog

10 tips to safely operating a forklift

We’ve put together a list of 10 simple tips to help you ensure your own safety, and the safety of those around you, whilst operating a forklift.

How to increase your forklift’s battery life

We’ve put together a list of five best practices to help you look after your electric forklift’s battery.

If your forklift breaks does your business break?

Find out how an inspection of your materials handling equipment could highlight any faults and repairs that if not addressed could prove costly.

Get a free Tyre Check with Moorgate

Find out how to check your tyre tread wear the right way and eliminate the risk of replacing your tyres either too early or too late.

The HC Range

The HC Range

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Find A Truck

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Trucks For Hire

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