The benefits of buying a forklift second-hand

27/06/2024 / 214 / Blog

Explore the benefits of buying a used forklift truck, including cost savings, environmental advantages and what to look for.

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Your guide to forklift battery maintenance

17/05/2024 / 255 / Blog, Forklift Care

Extend the lifespan of your forklift batteries with this guide from the experts at Moorgate, covering the dos and don’ts of battery maintenance.

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The benefits of lithium-powered forklifts

23/04/2024 / 292 / Blog, News
HC Lithium-ion 4-wheel Electric Forklift, 2.0 – 3.5t

Find out more about the benefits of lithium-powered forklifts, including cost savings, environmental advantages and increased productivity.

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Important information for LPG forklift users

13/11/2023 / 2932 / Blog, Forklift Safety, News

There is an ongoing gas supply issue in the UK that affects LPG forklift users. Here’s what we know so far and what to do if you’re affected.

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The story of Moorgate

26/05/2023 / 1221 / Blog

Find out more about Moorgate’s history and how we’ve spent 30 years being a trusted partner in the materials handling industry.

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A guide to LOLER and lifting regulations

17/02/2023 / 1866 / Blog

Find out more about forklift LOLER regulations and how you can stay safe and compliant in this guide from the forklift experts at Moorgate.

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The benefits of in-house forklift driver training

03/11/2022 / 1689 / Blog, Driver Training
forklift driver training certificate

Find out the benefits of using dedicated in-house forklift driver training within your operations in this guide from Moorgate Forklifts. 

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How to operate a stand up forklift

25/02/2022 / 2559 / Blog, Driver Training

Everything you need to know about how to operate a stand up forklift put together in this handy guide from Moorgate Forklifts.

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Guide to buying forklifts for your business – what to ask

01/02/2021 / 2755 / Blog, News

Get the easy guide to buying forklifts and see the commonly asked questions you should consider.

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