Driver Training

How to drive a forklift correctly

25/10/2023 / 972 / Driver Training, Forklift Safety

Learn how to drive a forklift correctly and safely in this guide from the forklift experts at Moorgate.

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The benefits of in-house forklift driver training

03/11/2022 / 1689 / Blog, Driver Training
forklift driver training certificate

Find out the benefits of using dedicated in-house forklift driver training within your operations in this guide from Moorgate Forklifts. 

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The fundamentals of forklift driver training

04/10/2022 / 3548 / Driver Training, News

Find out why professional forklift truck driver training is the most efficient way to equip your team.

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Our top tips for forklift warehouse safety

11/05/2022 / 1856 / Driver Training, Forklift Safety

Forklift warehouse safety should always be taken seriously. Find out how a safety system for your warehouse will keep you stay safe and compliant.

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How to operate a stand up forklift

25/02/2022 / 2559 / Blog, Driver Training

Everything you need to know about how to operate a stand up forklift put together in this handy guide from Moorgate Forklifts.

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Can I still get a refresher forklift driver training certificate?

02/04/2020 / 1567 / Driver Training

Get the latest advice from Health and Safety Executive regarding forklift driver training and refresher courses in light of COVID-19.

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