Guide to common forklift types by industry

04/05/2021 / 137 / New Sales, Uncategorized

What type of forklift is most popular in your industry? See forklift types by applications.

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New forklift technologies and trends for 2021

17/11/2020 / 612 / Uncategorized
Atlet UNS1400 1400KG Electric Reach Truck

See the new forklift technologies and trends to help you go the distance in 2021.

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The basics of diesel forklift maintenance

14/08/2020 / 571 / Uncategorized

See this guide to diesel forklift maintenance and find out how to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

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Answered: How much does a used forklift truck cost?

20/03/2020 / 638 / Uncategorized, Used Sales

Get the low down on what you can expect to pay and what to look for when buying.

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The dangers of casual forklift training

31/01/2020 / 549 / Uncategorized

While it may be tempting to cut corners by embarking on casual driver training, it’s not advisable. Here we explore the dangers associated with venturing down this route.

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Why it’s worth buying through an official forklift truck dealer

21/11/2019 / 481 / Uncategorized

It’s worth buying through an official forklift truck dealer for several key reasons. Find out what they are in this blog that summarises the benefits.

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Here’s how to get forklift certified

23/10/2019 / 503 / Uncategorized

Looking to get forklift certified? Find out what the driving training course entails in this blog.

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Why choose an electric forklift?

21/08/2019 / 431 / Uncategorized

Thinking of investing in an electric forklift? Find out why they’re such a good choice in this guide.

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How to safely clean forklift trucks

14/08/2019 / 746 / Forklift Care, News, Uncategorized

Take a look at this guide to safely cleaning forklift trucks.

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A quick guide to pedestrian forklifts

11/04/2019 / 521 / New Sales, News, Uncategorized

Find out what to look for when choosing a pedestrian forklift that’s right for your business in this guide.

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