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5 things to check before buying a used forklift

24/01/2018 / 52 / News, Used Sales

Buying a used forklift? Check out this list of things you must check first before buying.

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What are the benefits of using an LPG forklift truck?

02/08/2017 / 49 / New Sales, News, Used Sales
Toyota 7FG30 4 Wheel 3000KG LPG Forklift Truck

Find out why an LPG forklift truck could be the right choice for your business.

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Pros and Cons: What type of forklift is right for my business?

20/10/2016 / 25 / New Sales, News, Used Sales

We’ve put together the pros and cons of choosing an electric, diesel or LPG forklift into this infographic to help you decide which is best for your business.

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Which type of forklift should I be using?

01/08/2016 / 20 / New Sales, News, Used Sales

There are a few subtle differences which you need to consider before buying or hiring a forklift. These are the types of forklifts you should choose from.

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Why choose an electric forklift?

30/06/2015 / 20 / New Sales, News, Used Sales

The electric forklift is quiet, compact and energy-efficient. Find out the other advantages and disadvantages of choosing an electric vehicle for your business.

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