Common forklift problems and how to fix them

forklift-maintenanceUsing your forklift day-in-day-out you may notice niggling problems. Some can be checked and fixed easily, whereas others may require professional assistance.

If in doubt, always call on an engineer to diagnose the problem officially. Our team respond to repair callouts across West Yorkshire and beyond.

In the meantime, to help you understand what might be going wrong with your vehicle, we’ve pulled some together common forklift problems and how best to deal with them.

1. Your forklift isn’t starting

It seems obvious but the first thing to check is the battery or fuel levels. Failing that, your vehicle could be overheating so it’s a good idea to check the fluid levels. If your vehicle isn’t overheating, there could be a whole host of more serious issues or electrical malfunctions stopping it from starting.

In that case, it’s best to get your forklift checked out as quickly as possible to minimise downtime and save you from causing any further damage by trying to fix the issue yourself.

2. Your forklift is experiencing lifting problems

If your mast isn’t raising or lowering properly or is juddering slightly, this could mean a few things. You may have overloaded your vehicle, in which case you should unload your forklift and check the safe maximum load.

Faults with your mast could also indicate hydraulic problems. Your hydraulic fluid levels could need replenishing or the filter could be blocked and dirty. An engineer will be able to confirm this for certain.

3. The steering is faulty

If you’ve noticed that your steering isn’t functioning properly it could indicate a more serious problem. You could have low levels of steering fluid transmission or worn-out gears. These problems need to be repaired quickly by a professional before they become more serious – or worse – cause a potential accident.

4. Your vehicle has worn tyres

While worn-out tyres are easy to spot, many of us put off getting them changed. However, worn tyres can have a negative impact on the functioning of your forklift and make it increasingly unsafe to operate. Having your tyres checked and replaced as a part of your regular servicing ensures you never neglect them.

Got a forklift problem that needs looking at? Call us on 0113 393 2881 and we’ll stop by to assess your vehicle.