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Forklift truck hire & leasing

Sometimes, forklift hire and leasing makes more financial sense than purchasing one, especially if you’re making the investment to deal with seasonal operational peaks.


If you need a truck right away and want a cost effective solution, we can help. We provide forklifts for hire for short periods or for a little bit longer.


Hire a forklift truck

We have hundreds of trucks available for hire for several days or months. And, thanks to the fact we’re flexible to meet your needs, we can help you hire what you need with minimum or maximum notice.


  • Extensive range of forklifts and pallet trucks from any manufacturer.
  • New and used vehicles – including brand new trucks from HC Forklifts UK.
  • Flexible rental periods.
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Direct delivery within 24 hours possible.
  • Simple daily hire rates based on truck model and size.
  • Expert advice to help you find the right truck.

Lease a forklift truck

Need a forklift for longer than a few days or months? Then you may want to consider leasing, which some businesses sometimes find more beneficial than renting because:


  • Your equipment is replaced with newer models at regular intervals
  • You can try out new forklifts or pallet trucks without buying them
  • There are none of the upfront costs that are associated with purchasing new machines
  • Having access to the latest equipment reduces the average age of your fleet and risk of breakdowns


Book a free site survey to find out if renting or leasing’s best for you.

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