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Guide to buying forklifts for your business – what to ask

Guide to buying forklifts for your business – what to ask

01/02/2021 / 581 / New Sales, Used Sales
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Buying forklifts for your business – the questions to ask

Getting the right forklift trucks for your business is a process. Your forklift should deliver a return on investment – otherwise it’s not worth having.

When looking for trucks, your research should consider your operation, site, and the amount of daily use you will get out of the truck. The materials you work with and the size of your warehouse or yard impact what forklift trucks are safe and suitable.

The right advice goes a long way when buying forklifts for your business. We’ve been helping Yorkshire businesses source trucks for over 30 years. See the common questions we ask businesses when they come to us needing vehicles.

Ask these questions:

Is the forklift for indoor or outdoor use?

Choose diesel for outdoors and rough terrain, electric for indoor use, and LPG gas-powered vehicles for multi-use.

What’s the typical number of hours the forklift will be used per day?

For regular daily use you may want a heavier duty vehicle with low mileage, or ideally brand new.

What height do you need to lift to?

Are you stacking pallets? Or loading lorries? Measure the maximum height you need your forklift to reach.

How wide should your truck be?

Measure the aisles and doorways your forklift will need to move between.

Are there any attachments or features you will need?

Specify these to your forklift supplier or dealer to make sure they are possible.

How will you keep your truck in good condition?

Buy from a forklift dealer or supplier who provides servicing and repairs.

Should you choose a used or new truck?

If you plan to use your forklift for 5+ hours a day, it’s worth investing in a brand-new truck. For a few hours a day, a used vehicle will suffice.

Looking for brand new forklift trucks to buy? See the options using our new forklift finder tool. See the used forklifts we currently have available using our used forklift finder tool.


The dos and don’ts of buying forklifts for your business

DO check the documentation – Make sure your forklift truck has the paperwork and, if it’s a used truck, ask what servicing and repairs have been done.

DO arrange annual services – Schedule an annual or six-monthly service with an engineer to keep your forklift performing efficiently and safely.

DO carry out daily checks – Every day before using the forklift, the operator should carry out checks to make sure the vehicle is safe for operation.

DO keep your operators qualified – Your forklift drivers need certification every 3 years to remain compliant.

DON’T buy on price alone – You might be tempted by a cheap offer, but make sure it’s legitimate and right for you. Check the vehicle is in good condition and is suited to your requirements before you buy.

DON’T make do with the wrong vehicle – Choose a truck which has the lifting capacities you need and is suited to the working environment.

DON’T neglect maintenance – An annual service, regular maintenance, and daily checks help you to get the most from your vehicle’s lifespan.

Any last advice?

Key to buying forklifts for your business is finding a dealer you trust who also has a proven track record. You might spot a bargain online, but if the seller is not reputable or easy to get hold of, who are you going to contact should something go wrong?

You get what you put into your forklift. Investing in a quality vehicle and looking after it every day will provide you will the highest value and return on your investment.

  • Do your research
  • Be clear on your requirements
  • Avoid buying cheap
  • Test drive your truck
  • See the documentation
  • Check the capacities
  • Look after your truck
  • Get annual servicing 

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Contact our friendly team for advice.

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