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Lithium powered forklifts – what you need to know

Lithium powered forklifts – what you need to know

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HC Lithium-ion 4-wheel Electric Forklift, 2.0 – 3.5t
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What are lithium powered forklifts?

Lithium-ion powered forklifts are electric forklifts powered by lithium-ion batteries. Lead acid batteries are used in around 90 percent of the electric forklifts in operation. However, lithium batteries are on the rise and becoming more prevalent.

Why are businesses switching to lithium forklift batteries?

Compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are more light-weight and efficient. They have a longer life span shorter charging periods. They don’t require maintenance and their long-life capabilities make them good value and easy to work with.



Long lifespan

Fast charging

Lasting performance

No maintenance



Less common

Is lithium-ion right for every business?

Using lithium-ion powered vehicles doesn’t make sense for every customer because of the high upfront cost. Unless you have a large fleet and use your forklifts non-stop, the return on investment might not pay off. However, for businesses looking to invest in forklifts for regular, long term use, lithium-ion could be the way to go.

What lithium-ion forklifts are out there?

The new generation XC Series Lithium-ion 4-wheel Electric Forklift combines durable, light-weight design with lithium-ion battery technology. Covering a 2.0t – 3.5t range, the trucks provide travel speeds of up to 19km/h.

The ergonomic design ensures 50% more operating space than a traditional electric truck. The 80V lithium-ion phosphate battery is fully charged in 2 hours and lasts four times longer than conventional batteries.High energy density – increasing truck availability

1. High energy density – increasing truck availability

2. Long service life – 4000 full charging cycles with at least 80% residual capacity

3. Maintenance free – no need to water or check acid levels

4. Fast charging – 2 hours full charge making economic use of each break

5. Cold area application –high performance at below freezing temperatures

6. Five year or 10,000 hours guarantee on all lithium-Ion batteries

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