What are the benefits of using an LPG forklift truck?


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) forklifts are fuelled by gas that’s stored in a small cylinder that can be found at the rear of the vehicles. Suitable for lifting work in a range of settings, they’re a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Here are just a few of the features that make LPG forklifts so useful:

1. Lowest upfront cost

LPG forklifts don’t require the additional purchase of a battery charger and are typically sold at a lower price than diesel vehicles, making them the cheapest of the three types of forklift available.

2. Suitable for indoor and outdoor work

While diesel vehicles can only be used outside and electric forklifts are better suited to indoor work, LPG forklifts work well indoors and out, making them the most versatile choice. If your business only has the resource or revenue to support one vehicle, then LPG forklifts give you the greatest flexibility.

3. Quieter than diesel

Diesel vehicles are loud whilst in operation and can be distracting to work around, particularly in smaller workspaces. LPG forklifts offer similar functioning at less noise, making them a good compromise.

4. Give off minimal fumes

Diesel forklifts create lots of dirty fumes and can leave grease and grime on their surroundings. The fumes given off by LPG forklifts are much more minimal – and cleaner – so won’t leave dirty marks on your products, warehouse or staff!

5. No need to spend time charging

Not only do electric forklifts require a costly and bulky battery on site, but they can’t be used while they’re charging. LPG forklifts require a simple top up of oil if they’re running low, meaning you can get back to work quicker.

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