Moorgate Forklifts Limited welcomes new service manager

Office Staff 005
At Moorgate Forklifts, we are always looking for opportunities to develop and grow as a business. Committed to providing our customers with dependably excellent levels of service and support, we are constantly looking to develop our offering.

As our customer base continues to grow, it’s only natural that our work force mirrors that growth. Our ever expanding team has recently been bolstered further with the appointment of a new Service Manager.

We are delighted to welcome Russell Westmoreland who has joined the management team, providing much needed support to our existing service team.

As most of our current customers will know, Russell has been with the company for several years working as a Service Engineer. He has an in-depth knowledge of our customers and their needs and boasts the expertise to handle the day to day running of the service department.

So whether you are an existing client or a brand new customer, Moorgate Forklifts Limited continues to ensure that we are providing the very best service for you.

If you would like to learn more about how Moorgate Forklifts Limited can add value to your business drop get in touch with us at or join the conversation on Twitter @moorgateltd.