Top forklift and pallet picks for 2022

Top forklift and pallet picks for 2022

15/12/2021 / 348 / Uncategorized
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Start 2022 with new vehicles for your site – Neil’s top picks

New forklift and pallet trucks are an investment in the productivity of your business. When vehicles are needed for long periods of use throughout the working day, new trucks give you the longevity, performance and lifespan needed to match operations.

Buying new forklifts from a trusted supplier means you benefit from manufacturer-backed warranties, and easy access to parts and servicing. When buying a new vehicle, you can choose exactly the right model and capacity for your operation.

Are you considering new vehicles for 2022?

Neil At Moorgate Forklifts

See Neil’s top two picks:

1. XC Series electric forklift with lithium-ion power

The new generation XC series 4-wheel truck from HC is our pick for high performance, versatility and value for money. An electric forklift with lithium-ion power, the XC forklift range is suitable for high daily use and a variety of indoor and outdoor operations.

The truck combines high quality engineering with lithium-ion battery technology. The lightweight design provides travel speeds of up to 19km/h and covers a 2.0t – 3.5t range.

The ergonomic design allows for 50% more operating space than compared with other traditional electric vehicles. The 80V lithium-ion phosphate battery can be fully charged within 2 hours and lasts up to four times longer than conventional batteries.

Lithium-Ion power – what’s the benefit?

  • Optimum energy with maximum performance
  • Long working times and increased truck availability
  • 4000 full charging cycles with at least 80% residual capacity
  • Maintenance free – no topping up of water or checking acid levels
  • Fast charging – 2 hours until fully charged
  • High performance at temperatures below freezing
  • 5 years or 10,000 hours guarantee

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2. A Series 3rd Generation Lithium Pallet Truck 1.5t – 2.0t

The HC Lithium Pallet Truck is an ideal tool for loading, unloading, and handling palletised loads in stores, warehouses, and onto good vehicles such as lorries.

The pallet truck is backed by DC magnet drive technology for advanced performance and lithium battery technology for shorter charging periods.

Suitable to outdoor work

With no electrical components exposed, the pallet truck is reliable for outdoor and indoor work. The joystick enables movement with one hand, for ease of operation. The upright walking button provides manoeuvrability in the smallest spaces.

Power Saving credentials

The truck includes a selection of power saving features to protect the battery and prolong service time. Overflow from the hydraulic power unit is prevented, protecting the motor, and saving energy for a longer working life.

  • 2-hour superfast charging
  • Automatic hibernation
  • Electronic lifting limit switch
  • 3-hour continuous use
  • Battery time display

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Do you want to enquire about any of the above vehicles? Get in touch today. Alternatively, you can browse our full range of forklifts for sale and forklifts for hire to discover more vehicles.

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