Used Forklifts

Used forklifts for sale

Get the forklifts your business needs, with upfront savings 

Used forklifts are a worthy investment. You get the exact model you need, at a cheaper upfront cost. We have used forklifts for sale in Leeds and Yorkshire, helping businesses find the forklift they need.


With 30+ years’ experience supplying used forklifts to businesses, our customers know we provide vehicles they can rely on to go the distance. We’re a trusted forklift supplier, which means our used forklifts are often sold within days of refurbishment.


We never sell a used forklift truck without knowing it has lasting capacity. We have refurbished and used forklifts for sale from manufacturers including:


  • Samuk
  • Yale
  • Mitsubishi
  • Samsung
  • Caterpillar
  • Nexen
  • Toyota

Fully refurbished used forklifts, from a reliable supplier

Quality guaranteed

Every used forklift for sale has been cleaned, serviced, and LOLER-inspected. The safety and operation of any forklift truck that we supply has been checked by our forklift engineers. With over 30 years’ experience, we have repaired and service every type of truck.


We refurbish used trucks to ensure they are performing as efficiently as they should be. If required, we repaint trucks to get them looking their best again. A used forklift doesn’t mean old and tired. You know you are getting a quality model when it has served multiple businesses.


Buying from an established business, such as Moorgate, you expect quality and reliability. That’s exactly what we provide customer. They have peace of mind our trucks are in the best condition, and they know we are a phone call away should any issues arise.


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Used forklifts

Why choose a used forklift?


The cost saving is undoubtedly the main pull towards buying used forklifts over brand new vehicles. But there are other benefits too, which shouldn’t be overlooked. There are all sorts of reasons businesses opt for used forklifts over new. Here are six of them:


    1. Upfront savings – some used trucks can be as much as half the price of new trucks.
    2. Ease of use – older models may not necessarily require the additional training that’s sometimes required to operate new technology and features.
    3. Availability – the used trucks tend we have available can be sourced more quickly.
    4. Sustainable – there’s often no need to buy brand new for a vehicle that will have low to moderate use. Used forklifts for sale are the renewable choice.
    5. Variety – there’s a wide range of used trucks out there, which means you might be able to find a machine that perfectly fits your needs.
    6. Efficiency – if your new truck is only going to be used occasionally and not to its full potential, then you’ll wind up paying for unused capacity. In these circumstances, a used forklift is a much wiser business choice.

All preventative maintenance visits are pre-booked and agreed with you to suit your business. If you would like to find out more or you want to arrange forklift servicing for your business, simply call us on 0113 393 2881.

Used forklifts for sale

The HC Range

The HC Range

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Find A Truck

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