Are you clued up on these common forklift hazards?

Operating a forklift every day, it becomes second nature. But accidents can appear out of the blue and it’s important to avoid complacency.

To keep you forklift safety savvy, here are our 5 everyday hazards to watch out for…

  1. Skipping routine checks6805956689_b78b7e3d33

When we’re busy, it’s tempting to just get on with it. But it is important to always check the brakes, controls, steering, tyres, mast and warning devices before starting your forklift.

Any damage or unusual functioning could lead to a serious breakdown – or worse – an accident.

  1. Hazardous surroundings

Discarded pallet down an aisle? Colleague stepping out behind you? There are constant hazards when moving around a site. Keeping a clear environment and paying close attention to your surroundings at all times is the only way to avoid disaster.

  1. Precarious loads3180

Overloading or using old or damaged pallet can cause a serious accident.Always make sure your load is evenly distributed and both forks are under the load taking the weight.

  1. Running out of fuel

Avoid running your forklift out of fuel completely. You run the risk of the vehicle losing power mid-job and engines should only be topped up in a safe, designated area. Always refuel your vehicle when the gage gets down to around 20%.

  1. Unqualified drivers

It might be tempting to share the load, but only those who have received the necessary training and hold a license are legally permitted to operate a forklift.

Want to keep your site hazard-free? We provide a free site survey to make sure you are getting the best from your current equipment.