Can I still get a refresher forklift driver training certificate?

Can I still get a refresher forklift driver training certificate?

02/04/2020 / 145 / Driver Training
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“Can I still get a refresher forklift driver training certificate?”

The Health and Safety Executive has released information regarding new and refresher forklift driver training certificate courses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have confirmed that, wherever possible, refresher courses should be taking place for essential businesses that are continuing to operate.

For businesses that can’t access training, they have suggested an extended validity period of 3 months for accredited forklift driver certificates. The advice states:

“If requalification training cannot take place for reasons associated directly with coronavirus, such as closure of training facilities, unavailability of trainers/assessors or by complying with other government advice on isolation and social distancing, it may be reasonable and practicable to extend the validity of current certificates by up to 3 months.”

When seeking a refresher forklift driver training certificate extension, the HSE specify the employer or duty holder should be prepared to:

  • Clearly state their reasons for delaying requalification
  • Demonstrate the steps taken to undertake the training
  • Meet their legal duty to monitor forklift truck drivers to make sure they are operating safely

What about new forklift driver training certificates?

Regarding new forklift drivers, the HSE ask that all businesses prioritise their workloads around supporting key workers and essential industries. Where training needs to take place for this reason, they ask that training providers:

“Adjust their activities to follow Public Health England’s advice regarding good hygiene practices and separation distances, and if relevant, accommodate any site-specific rules to manage the risk of COVID-19 infection.”

Currently, for the safety of our team, customers and the public, we’ve postponed all forklift driver training until further notice. We hope this information has helped and you are able to secure an extension for your forklift driver certification.

It’s more important than ever to maintain stringent health and safety measures while working with forklifts. Are you completing your forklift driver daily checks? Remind yourself what they are in this infographic.

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