What are the benefits of an electric forklift truck?


Thinking of investing in an electric forklift for your business? Then you’d be thinking of a wise investment. Although they represent a significant initial cost, they are the most cost-effective type of forklift to run and maintain, as well as being simple to operate.

There are dozens of reasons why an electric forklift is a good investment, but here are the top 5 main benefits to choosing one:

1. Environmentally friendly

Of all the types of forklift, electric models are the most environmentally friendly. Electrically powered vehicles produce significantly less carbon emissions than LPG or diesel models, making them the eco-friendly option of the three.

2. They are quiet and fume free

Because they don’t have an engine, electric forklifts make very little noise and don’t produce any fumes. This makes them ideal for work indoors and in smaller areas as they are less disruptive.

3. The cost of recharging is low

Compared to their LPG and diesel counterparts, the cost to recharge an electric forklift is much lower as well as being more convenient. You simply plug your forklift into its charging port and leave to recharge overnight, with no need to source fuel.

4. They are compact and manoeuvrable

Electric forklifts are compact and heavy, which makes more effective to control. Their weight and concentrated mass act as a counterbalance, making them highly manoeuvrable and well suited for work in small, tight spaces.

5. Driving is simpler and smoother

Electrically powered forklifts only have an accelerator and a brake pedal, making them simple to operate.

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