Have you carried out essential winter forklift maintenance?

With winter well and truly upon us, it’s important to make sure that your forklifts are in a good working condition for the impending bad weather.

Downtime, no matter how long or short, can cost your business greatly. An unexpected forklift breakdown could be the difference between finishing a project before Christmas or delaying it until the new year.

A quick forklift service will ensure all your vehicles are still functioning properly, no matter how cold, icy or snowy it gets.

At Moorgate we’re offering a comprehensive winter service. For just £60 per machine, one of our highly experienced and qualified engineers will visit your site and check all of the functions of your forklifts, which include:

  • Full lubricant level check
  • Coolant check to prevent freezing
  • Full lights and beacons check

An engineer will be able to flag any potential problems ahead of time, preventing any unexpected breakdowns and saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

Our engineers carry an extensive stock of bulbs and antifreeze to keep you ticking over throughout the winter months.

For more information or to book your winter inspection call us on 0113 393 2881 or email neil@moorgateltd.co.uk.