Top 5 forklift safety hazards and how to avoid them

Top 5 forklift safety hazards and how to avoid them

11/05/2017 / 62 / Forklift Safety, News, Uncategorized
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Forklift trucks are there to make your whole business run more efficiently, but used incorrectly they can become hazardous.

As forklift driver training providers, we see the same mistakes made time again and we know what you should be looking to avoid.

1. Overloading or travelling with elevated loads

Your forklift vehicle will have restrictions relating to the maximum load weight and the height at which the mast can travel at.

It is very important that all those loading and operating your vehicles are fully aware of these figures, as overloading could cause your vehicles to imbalance and even topple over, putting your employees at risk of a dangerous accident.

2. Speeding

Whether your forklifts operate indoors or outdoors, you need to set consistent speed limits that prevent crashes and keep things running smoothly.

The Health and Safety Executive states that:

‘The limit should be a safe speed, but if it is unreasonably slow, drivers will be tempted to ignore it completely.

‘When assessing the appropriate speed limit for a particular place, you may need professional advice based on the route layout and character of the site.’

3. Inaccurate turning and manoeuvring

Moving around in tight spaces takes skill and a good understanding of your vehicle. Inaccurate driving and manoeovering will not only slow down your operation, but it could cause an accident or damaged goods.

Driving training combined with the occasional refresher course – especially after the introduction of new vehicles – helps to make sure your drivers understand how to safely and efficiently manoeuvre their forklifts, whatever your space.

4. Poor stopping and parking

Without consistent procedures including loading and unloading bays, stopping and parking forklift vehicles put your shop floor at risk from unforeseen accidents.

Parking up a forklift at random could at best, waste time and at worst, cause a crash. It is important that all your employees understand where vehicles should reside.

5. Giving ‘lifts’ and other misuse

When your employees operate or interact with forklifts day-in-day-out they will become used to them and this can cause complacency. Giving other employees lifts and misusing vehicles for additional work or practical jokes significantly increases the likelihood of a serious accident.

Minimise risk with driving training and refresher courses

Make sure your whole business is familiar with the operating procedures – and the associated risks. Professional vehicle safety training provides an impartial viewpoint and helps to ensure you are complying with industry best practise.

We offer driving training suitable for beginners through to experienced truck drivers. A refresher course can help you ensure all your drivers are getting the best from their vehicles and staying safe at all times.

To enquire about forklift driver training call us on 0113 393 2881 or email for more information.

Contact our friendly team for advice.

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