Trusted forklift suppliers for over 30 years

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Trusted forklift suppliers for over 30 years

13/04/2018 / 12 / News, Uncategorized
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While we were doing a bit of spring cleaning in the Moorgate office, we recently came across these old photographs of the site back in the late 80s. And it got us thinking about how long we’ve been supplying the people of Yorkshire with forklift trucks….

30+ years’ expertise

Founded back in 1987 by Managing Director, Neil Brook, Moorgate Forklifts Ltd has since forged a proven track record in the materials-handling industry. For more than 31 years, we’ve been:

  • Supplying new and used forklift and pallet trucks from leading manufacturers, including Nexen, Caterpillar, Toyota and Samuk.
  • Servicing, rebuilding and repairing forklifts and pallet trucks.
  • Carrying out on-site breakdown and repairs.
  • Leasing new and used forklift vehicles to businesses on a short and long-term basis.
  • Conducting on and off-site forklift driver training.
  • Providing a friendly, welcoming service!

Moorgate Managing Director Neil Brook in the early days

What does our experience mean?

More than simply a badge of honour, we believe a business’ experience is testament to their expertise and understanding of their industry. Take us, for instance, it’s fair to say we’ve learnt a thing or two over the last three decades!

In fact, it’s our experience that’s enabled us to grow as a team and build upon our extensive knowledge of the vehicles we supply. This has helped us to:

  • Understand how to recommend the best value solution for each customer – even if it might not be what they initially thought they needed!
  • Get to know the vehicles we work with inside out and watch the technology progress over time. We’ve seen hundreds of machines come and go. We also know a solid piece of engineering when we see one.
  • Offer insightful training to forklift operators and our own team members. Teaching practical skills to new forklift drivers and engineers is a fantastic part of the job.

Moorgate in 2018

Where are we now?

Ultimately, three decades of working in the materials-handling industry has put us in prime position to offer practical advice and the very best service to businesses right across Yorkshire.

We have a large fleet of vehicles, all ready to respond to call-outs, a team of skilled in-house engineers and a huge range of forklifts available for hire and sale, at any time.

We’re proud to have an unrivalled knowledge of the vehicles we work with and, as such, we can make informed recommendations to make sure you get the right vehicle for your site.

If you’d like to ask us any questions about finding a forklift that’s right for your site, call us on 0113 393 2881 or email

Or perhaps you’d like to browse through our comprehensive range of forklifts that are available to buy? We can deliver any vehicle to your site at your convenience.

Contact our friendly team for advice.

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