Why it’s worth buying through an official forklift truck dealer

Why it’s worth buying through an official forklift truck dealer

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Why buy through an official forklift truck dealer?

Buying a new forklift truck is a big investment. It’s worth shopping around to find a supplier you trust and avoid buying from a lone seller, who might become untraceable once the sale has been made.

Buying your vehicle through a reputable forklift truck dealer means you can compare the options to find a good deal and end up with a quality truck. This also means that, in the long term, your chosen forklift dealer is there whenever you need them for servicing and repairs.

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Buying through an official forklift truck dealer means you:

  • Access the latest model of trucks
  • Get the right truck for your operation 
  • Receive all of the relevant documentation
  • Can ask for operational advice
  • Have someone to go to for servicing and repairs
  • Are protected by warranties

Buying a brand new forklift truck

If you’re buying a forklift for heavy use, it’s best to purchase a brand new model to get the maximum mileage from it. When buying new, it’s always useful to buy from an official forklift truck dealer that specialises in selling vehicles by a particular manufacturer.

Official distributers have direct links with the manufacturers. This means you can be certain the truck you’re getting is a brand new, off-the-shelf model. It also means you’re less likely to wait for replacement parts, as your dealer will have direct contact with the UK distribution centres.

Finding the ideal vehicle for your operation

The most reputable forklift truck dealers will offer a free site survey or telephone consultation to discuss your options and recommend the right vehicle(s). To advise you on the best model of truck, they will ask you questions about:

  • How many hours a day you’ll use the truck for
  • Where you’ll use it (indoors or outdoors)
  • What type of materials handling you’ll be using it for

From this information, you will receive a report outlining the best forklift truck(s) in line with your daily operations. This report is designed to help you make an informed decision on the type of truck you want to buy.

Buying used trucks from a forklift dealer

Many established forklift truck dealers refurbish the used trucks they sell and provide warranties and certification. This gives you peace of mind the vehicle is in its best condition and you have someone to turn to should it need repairs or servicing.

Established, reputable dealers have an unrivalled knowledge of forklift trucks, making them excellent people to get advice from. It’s not in their interest to sell an old or faulty truck, as this would tarnish their reputation – this means you can expect a fair deal.

You’ll receive on-going aftercare

Perhaps the most useful reason to buy through a local forklift dealer rather than a sole trader or large manufacturer is the aftercare. When you buy from a local forklift dealer they will provide you with warranties and you’ll have someone to call with any questions.

When your forklift needs servicing or repairing, they will make the arrangements and often be able to come to you to carry out the work. There’s no lengthy wait time and they take care of sourcing replacement parts, and even, temporary vehicles in some cases.

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