New forklift technologies and trends for 2021

New forklift technologies and trends for 2021

17/11/2020 / 612 / Uncategorized
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New forklift technologies and trends for 2021

An article on the BBC looked at new company Phantom Auto and their remote-driver forklift technology. The remote-control technology allows forklift drivers to work off-site, controlling their machines from afar. It’s installed in a dozen warehouses in the US and Europe.

The idea is to make workplaces less busy and safer, particularly during the pandemic. But is it safe to drive a forklift remotely? And what does this mean for operators on site?

Driverless technology might not be suited to most sites, but it got us thinking about how new forklift technology and trends that can benefit everyday operations. There are many trends in the industry helping businesses stay safe and efficient on site. Here are some of them:

Lithium batteries

Improving energy efficiency is key for many businesses, both environmentally and in terms of cost savings. Lithium batteries are faster to charge than acid batteries. They are low maintenance, with less cleaning and equalising required, saving time and money on site.

Complete Material Handling estimate that lithium-ion batteries last 4 times longer and don’t slow down vehicles as they discharge. It’s thought they 30% more energy efficient and don’t emit CO2 gas, making them less damaging to the environment.

While these batteries are more expensive than acid batteries, some businesses are switching to them. In time, this could make them more accessible.

Hiring the latest forklifts

The past year has left uncertainty in almost every industry. Businesses in need of new forklifts are more reluctant to buy outright. To support businesses and help them access the vehicles they need, forklift dealers are providing short and long term hire plans.

Hiring a forklift gives more flexibility in case you no longer need the vehicle or need to save costs. Long term hire enables you to bring brand new forklifts and pallet trucks into your operation, for as long as you need them.

Monitoring usage

Many businesses already use wireless monitoring to track their forklifts. The technology allows businesses to monitor usage and keep track of the performance of vehicles.

The ability to see hours of operation in real time enables you to plan and allocate forklifts more effectively. Businesses track the operating patterns of forklifts and plan service intervals to extend the lifespan of vehicles.

While this technology is more suited to large organisations, the idea behind it applies to all. If you keep track of when your forklifts are in use, and for how long, you are better prepared to stay on top of charging, maintenance, servicing, and repairs.


Make sure your trucks are ready to go the distance in 2021

The purpose of new forklift technology should always be to make operations safer and more efficient for those who work with them. Saving time and money by improving processes and equipment benefits a business, its employees, and its customers. 

Having a regular service for every forklift helps to spot small faults before they become bigger problems. Talking to your forklift service provider about the optimum number of hours to use your forklift in the week enables you to get the most from your vehicles.

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