The basics of diesel forklift maintenance

The basics of diesel forklift maintenance

14/08/2020 / 517 / Uncategorized
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Diesel forklifts are the heaviest duty and most hard-wearing type of forklift truck. They are suitable for outdoor use and operation on rough terrain.

Because they run on fuel, diesel forklift maintenance is around keeping the engine operating efficiently. As with any engine-powered machine, there can be faults and breakdowns out the blue, but servicing limits this where possible.

Advice for diesel forklift maintenance:

DO keep your diesel forklift topped up with fuel and try not to let it run out completely.

DO check oil and water levels are at the required amounts as part of operational daily checks.

DO pay attention to warning lights and make sure the electrics of your forklift are fully operational.

DON’T leave your forklift for long periods without using it. This can create problems the next time you try and start it.

DON’T leave your diesel forklift in cold or harsh conditions for long periods. Even though they are suited to outdoor use, it’s better to park up forklifts in a sheltered area when not in use.

DON’T let the engine of your forklift overheat in warm conditions. Keep an eye on the warning lights and leave the vehicle to cool down if it becomes too hot.  

Diesel forklift maintenance – cleaning

Keeping your forklifts clean is an essential part of proper maintenance and preventing breakdowns. If left to build up, grime and debris can get into the mechanics of the vehicle.

This is especially true for forklifts used on rough terrain, including dusty or muddy conditions. If your diesel forklift is exposed to plenty of dirt, it’s a good idea to give it a jet wash and a wipe down now and again.

Find out more about safely cleaning a forklift truck here.

Regular servicing for diesel forklifts

The advice above is basic diesel forklift maintenance to carry out every day. Forklifts must have an annual LOLER inspection – just like a car MOT – to keep them safe and compliant.

It’s advised to have your forklift serviced every six months by an engineer so that they can change the filters and oil, grease, and lubricate all necessary points.

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