What does a forklift service typically involve?

What does a forklift service typically involve?

30/11/2018 / 305 / Forklift Care, News
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Just like a car requires an MOT, forklift trucks need annual servicing to stay well-maintained and safe to operate.

An annual forklift service helps to:

  1. Keep vehicles in good condition
  2. Prevent small issues become larger problems
  3. Reduce the risk of faults and breakdowns
  4. Keep your site and forklift operators safe

It’s also a stipulation of many manufacturer warranties, meaning it’s a good idea to make servicing a company policy that’s fulfilled annually.

So, what does a forklift service actually involve? 

During a service, the forklift service engineer will carry out a series of visual and operative checks. Following this, there may be some necessary repairs and part replacements.

Diesel, LPG and electric forklift trucks all have different areas that need servicing, but general safety checks are carried out on all vehicles. Checks include the brakes, steering, hydraulic functions, mast and any other implements that are fitted.

When a Moorgate forklift service engineer visits a customer site, they arrive armed with service report documents. This document contains a list of functions/parts which the engineer will check, adjust, replace or recommend further attention.

The main checks are summarised as follows…

The Engine

  • Oil, including filter, level and any leeks
  • Plugs and points
  • Tappets and fan belts
  • Gas system
  • Idle speed
  • Fuel and air filters
  • Operation

The relevant checks will then be carried out on the transmission and cooling system also.

The Electrics

  • Gauges and dashboard lights
  • Wiring
  • Horn, lights and switches
  • Brush wear
  • Spring tension
  • Commutators
  • Battery level and charger (if applicable)

In addition to carrying out individual part inspections, engineers will make sure everything is clean and dust free. They will also check the overall safety and performance of a vehicle.

Following these checks, there may be parts marked out as needing replacements or further attention. In most cases, the engineer will be able to change the part there and then.

This saves you the hassle of the worn or malfunctioning parts causing an unexpected breakdown, which could leave your vehicle out of action for a number of days.

If the service flags up further work that can’t be carried out on site, your engineer will be able to make arrangements to book this in. They may also be able to provide you with a temporary forklift, to minimise disruption to your operation.

Service complete, your engineer will talk you through the work they’ve done and leave you with all the necessary paperwork.

Are your vehicles due a forklift service? Get in touch to arrange yours today.

After further advice for maintaining your forklift trucks? Take a look at this infographic summarising the daily checks that keep your vehicles in good condition. 

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