Why choose a diesel forklift?

In our search to find you the right truck for your business, we have been looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of forklift power.

An electric truck might not be practical for your needs, an LPG might not either, so how does a diesel truck differ from the aforementioned?

Introducing the perfect outdoor forklift truck.


  • The performance of a diesel truck is usually better than their electric counterparts, with superior acceleration and lift speeds.
  • The maintenance and servicing costs of a diesel truck are lower than a gas truck because the engine componentry is of sturdier construction and they operate at lower “revs”, hence diesel engines have a far longer lifespan.
  • Diesels tend to have a higher residual value than LPG or electric trucks.
  • The fuel gauge lets you know when the diesel needs topping up, and this can be done in a matter of minutes – unlike an electric truck on charge or changing the gas bottle on an LPG.
  • You can use a diesel forklift anytime of the day or night.


  • Diesel trucks are the loudest of the three and produce exhaust fumes which can put some people off.
  • They tend to be substantially larger and their bulky size means they need more space to operate in, not a problem outdoors but not ideal for small spaces.
  • Maintenance costs are higher than an electric truck. However, less than that of an LPG.

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