Why choose an electric forklift?

Forklift manufacturers have made huge improvements to the design, usability and energy saving properties of their vehicles in recent years. Each type of forklift, whether it be an electric, diesel or LPG truck has its own merits and all have their place, depending on where they are needed to be electric-forkliftused.

So what kind of forklift suits your business? We’ll be looking at each type of truck and their advantages and disadvantages – so you don’t have to.

In the first of the series we’re looking at the quiet, environmentally friendly electric forklift so read on to find out why you might choose one of these vehicles.


  • The most environmentally friendly choice, battery operated forklifts give are fume free and give off no harmful emissions. Quiet in use, the electric forklift tends to be more maneuverable than engine powered vehicles due to the battery acting as an effective counterbalance.6805956689_b78b7e3d33
  • The cost of recharging a battery overnight on low rate tariff is considerably less than replacing gas bottles or refilling a tank with diesel.
  • One of the main advantages of electric trucks for users is that they tend to be much easier to drive than engine powered machines as they only have an accelerator and a brake pedal, meaning no clutch or need to rev for hill starting etc.
  • With so few moving parts, maintenance and service costs are considerably less to engine powered equivalents.


  • An electric forklift has a higher initial cost because of the battery and charger station. Electric trucks are also unusable whilst the battery is being recharged, unless you have additional spare batteries – again an extra cost.
  • Space needed for a battery charging station is around 200 square feet.
  • Electric trucks need a better quality floor surface to drive on; otherwise they can sink into shale or hard standing.
  • Battery charging can obviously be affected by power cuts from the national grid in winter, which would effectively render them unusable. Electric trucks are also not ideal for use in wet and windy weather as the damp atmosphere can damage the truck’s wiring and electrical components.
  • Maintenance and repairs are not easily undertaken without an expert.

Still not sure if electric trucks are the right choice for your business? Give us a call on 0113 393 2881 and we’ll help you find the right solution for the job.