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Why choose an electric forklift?

Why choose an electric forklift?

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Thinking of investing in an electric forklift?

Read on to discover the options when it comes to choosing a forklift truck and find out when an electric forklift might be the most suitable choice.

Electric, gas or diesel?

There are three main types of forklift and they perform best in different environments:

  1. Electric forklifts are suited to indoor work as they are quiet, compact and fume-less.
  2. Gas or LPG forklifts can be used both indoors and outdoors making them the most versatile choice.
  3. Diesel forklifts are robust enough for full-time outdoor use and are cheapest to run.

Why choose an electric forklift?

Electric forklifts aren’t suited to extended exposure to rain or damp conditions as it can harm their mechanics. But if you know your forklift will mainly be used indoors, then an electric vehicle is a good investment.

Here are some of the benefits of electric forklifts:

Environmentally friendly – the most energy-efficient and renewable choice.

Fume-free operation – with no harmful emissions or nasty smells.

Compact and nimble – the heavy battery works as an effective counterbalance, giving the vehicle sturdiness and manoeuvrability.

Easier to drive – with simple accelerator and brake pedal operation (no clutch).

Low maintenance and servicing costs – the battery-powered engine means fewer parts and less chance of things going wrong.

Electric forklifts do have a few limitations, including:

The initial cost – electric vehicles are the most expensive upfront. Although you save in the long term with no fuel costs and minimal part replacements.

Being unavailable for use when charging – if your business operates regular working hours, vehicles can be charged overnight. However, if it operates 24/7 or shift patterns, it could be an inconvenience having your vehicles out of action for hours at a time.

Requiring a hard, flat floor – because they are heavy and have higher point loadings on the axles and wheels, electric vehicles can sink on loose ground.

Deciding whether an electric forklift is the most beneficial option for your business really comes down to where you will be mostly using your forklift (indoors or outdoors). It’s also extremely useful to request a site survey from a forklift specialist.

During a site survey, your chosen specialist will take a look at your current materials handling operation and recommend the best vehicle(s) for you. For instance, following a Moorgate site survey, you’ll receive a report outlining exactly how you can improve efficiency and which vehicles might help you do this.

Requesting a site survey is the most advisable way of finding out what new vehicles you need. Acting on the advice of your forklift specialist means you are leaving nothing to chance and investing in vehicles that are going to serve your team well and go the distance.

For more advice on buying used forklift trucks, read this blog ‘5 things to check before buying a used forklift truck.’

If you’d like to talk to someone about which type of forklift might be right for your operation, get in touch with our Yorkshire-based forklift experts to request a site survey. To find out if we cover your area, call us on 0113 393 2881 or email

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