Infographic: Winter forklift safety advice

Infographic: Winter forklift safety advice

19/12/2018 / 60 / Forklift Care, Forklift Safety, News
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Keeping safe and operating forklifts in winter

Although many of us operate or work around forklift trucks every day, their safety shouldn’t be taken for granted. Particularly when conditions turn dark, cold and icy during the winter.

Poor weather conditions combined with tight end-of-year deadlines can be a recipe for disaster, with safety going out the window. This winter strain can even result in accidents or breakdowns, which is why it’s so important to carry out the right measures to protect your staff and vehicles.


Keeping safe and operating forklifts in winter

In dark, cold and icy conditions, extra care should be taken operating forklifts. Take a look at this winter forklift safety and maintenance advice to keep your vehicles and operation running smoothly.

Check your tyres – And replace any worn ones.

Keep gritting equipment on hand – Forklifts need clear, even ground to operate safely.

Always clear snowfall before operating

Keep out-of-use forklifts covered – As snow and ice can damage the mechanics.

De-ice vehicles before use – Make sure the windscreen is clear.

Park up in sheltered spots – To limit the risk of snowfall causing problems.

Keep everything well-lit and visible – With adequate lighting and hi-vis clothing.

Check fluids each day – As hydraulic fluid and coolant can freeze.

If in doubt – don’t drive – Remember, the best safety measure is prevention, so only operate vehicles when you know the conditions are right.

Are your vehicles in good working condition ahead of winter? A forklift service will tell you in a matter of hours. Get in touch to arrange yours today.


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