Answered: How much does a used forklift truck cost?

Answered: How much does a used forklift truck cost?

20/03/2020 / 638 / Uncategorized, Used Sales
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How much does a used forklift truck cost?

The answer is like buying a used car. You’ll expect to pay something under the value of the vehicle when new, and the age and total hours in operation will proportionately affect how much less you pay than brand new.

It’s difficult to answer outright the question… how much does a used forklift truck cost? Because so many different factors feed into the valuation.

Buying a used truck, you’re always going to get a cheaper price than brand new from the manufacturer, meaning you can get a great deal.


There are lots of things to consider that will affect the price of a used forklift truck. Here are some of them…

The age and operational hours of the vehicle

Much like a car’s mileage and year of manufacture, the age and usage of a used forklift are key to its value. These two factors need to be considered together.

For instance, you could have an old forklift that’s had minimal use indoors and is in great condition. This might be valued higher than a newer vehicle that’s had a lot of hardwearing use.

This is where it pays to buy through a forklift specialist, as they take an impartial look. They give a fair valuation based on the condition of the vehicle, rather than the headline stats.

A seller might be quick to shout about the forklift being only 8 months old. But, how many hours has it done? And what type of work was this?

Make sure you check all these details and take them into consideration with the price you offer.

The manufacturer, model and fuel type

We’ve blogged previously about how different types of forklifts are better suited to different types of work. For more common tasks, certain models become more in demand and valuable.

Equally, people tend to look for used LPG forklift trucks because these are the most versatile, being suited to use indoors and outdoors.

It’s also true that people favour well-known manufacturers, like Toyota or Caterpillar. While choosing a reputable brand is a sensible option, don’t limit yourself. Many newer brands of forklift are made using the same technology and perform just as well. Ask colleagues or your forklift specialist which brands are most reliable, in their experience.

The question “how much does a used forklift truck cost?” is perhaps better asked as… “how do I know a used forklift is worth the price?”

To answer this, you’re able to look at the original cost and take into consideration all the valuation factors we’ve mentioned above. In addition to these, you should ask:

“Has the forklift been recently serviced and refurbished?” – if yes, you know it’s in good condition for a forklift of its age and hours.

“Does it have the correct documentation?” – this increases the value of a vehicle but also provides reassurance that the vehicle is legitimate.

“Is the used forklift under warranty?” – Buying a used forklift truck from a forklift dealer means you have a warranty and someone to go back to, should you experience difficulties.

Looking for some more advice for buying used trucks? Take a look at this blog: “5 things to check before buying a used forklift.

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