Which type of forklift should I be using?

All good forklift trucks do essentially the same thing – they lift and move things that you can’t. So choosing a forklift for your business should be a no brainer.

There are however a few subtle differences which you need to consider before buying or hiring a forklift. These differences are due to how the trucks are powered.

Here are the three types of forklifts you need to consider:

Electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are mainly used for indoor work, within warehouses and factories. Although slightly more expensive to purchase, they are quieter, emit no emissions and are cost effective to run.

Running off an electric battery, they are temporarily out of use while charging – but this can be done overnight for minimum disruption.

LPG forklifts

LPG trucks run off liquid gas and are the popular choice due to their suitability to indoor and outdoor work. They are affordably priced and with engines similar to car engines, parts are readily available and inexpensive.

They are compact, manoeuvrable and quieter than diesel engine trucks, making them suited to a wide variety of work.

Diesel forklifts

The performance, speed and lifting power of diesel forklifts makes them ideally suited to outdoor work. They are noisy and produce the strongest fumes, so are rarely used for indoor work.

Diesel trucks are durable and have a long lifespan, meaning their maintenance and servicing costs are lower and they tend to have a higher residual value than LPG or electric trucks.

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