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How to increase your efficiency when things get busy

How to increase your efficiency when things get busy

23/09/2019 / 942 / Forklift Hire
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Short term forklift truck hire for busy periods

Things can feel like a bit of blur when you’re experiencing your busiest periods. Simply trying to keep your head above water day-to-day, week-to-week, can be a huge challenge in itself.

The ideal is to be on the front foot, anticipating the extra work and making sure you have extra the resources and equipment to effectively deal with the additional workload.

Our advice? Don’t overlook the importance of planning for your busier times, particularly your forklift operation and allocation, especially if they’re the backbone of your business outputs.

Granted – there are times when you’re working flat out and there are times when you’re quieter too, which means you won’t necessarily need the same number of forklifts all-year round. But you’ll still need extra vehicles when the pressure’s really on. And it’s in these circumstances that hiring a forklift is the most cost effective and practical option.

Lots of our customers really appreciate the value they get from short term forklift truck hire for busy periods for all sorts of reasons, including:

  • It makes more financial sense than purchasing one or multiple new forklifts outright.
  • They can get access to the forklift(s) they need almost right away.
  • Once they’ve gotten through the operational peaks, they can effortlessly reduce their forklift fleet again without any repercussions.
  • They get to use the latest forklift models without having to spend a fortune (or worry about them depreciating in value either).
  • All hire forklifts are regularly serviced, safety checked and come with an up-to-date maintenance book.
  • If they have any queries or want to switch to a different forklift model, it’s really easy to do (much easier than if they’ve purchased the vehicle outright).

Most of our customers find that short term forklift for busy periods really works for them. It enables them to make sure their existing forklifts aren’t overworked and that they have the extra forklift capacity to carry them through their busier spells.

It’s this type of support that enables businesses to keep doing what they do best with minimal hassle, like one of our customers, Poole Lighting, for instance.

Here’s what their Operations Director, Greg Ward, has to say about the difference our services are making:

“We’ve worked with Moorgate for eight years and they ensure we are continually able to operate our normal work patterns. Their service has gone above and beyond many times, including the removal of a truck that got stuck after normal business hours.”

Short-term works really well for businesses that need to boost their forklift fleet for two to three weeks, while long-term hire is ideal for those who need extra vehicles for several months, and even years, at a time.

Our range of hire forklifts features trucks from manufacturers, such as Yale, Samuk, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Nexen, and models ranging from counterbalance and reach, transporter, to low level and pallet stacking trucks. All of our forklifts are available in different weights and height masts too.

Whatever your requirements, we can provide long term and short term forklift truck hire to help you through those busy periods.

To find out more about how we can help you boost your outputs by increasing your existing forklift fleet cost effectively and efficiently, contact us on 0113 393 2881 or email

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