The best lifting equipment for warehouses 2020

The best lifting equipment for warehouses 2020

22/10/2020 / 575 / New Sales
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The best lifting equipment for warehouses 2020

Clear processes and the right equipment fuel operations within busy warehouses. Without these things, operations are made more difficult, and safety can be compromised.

The Health and Safety Executive estimates there are around 580,000 non-fatal workplace accidents in the UK per year. These accidents are traumatic for those involved and result in employee absences. Having the correct equipment for the task at hand is part of protecting against accidents.

When it comes to lifting equipment for warehouses, there are plenty of options. From electric counterbalance forklifts to pallet stackers. The equipment you choose depends on the size of your warehouse and what goods your business deals with.

Here’s our run down of the best lifting equipment for warehouses in 2020:

The HC A-Series Reach Truck

This truck is suitable for warehouses with narrow passageways and confined spaces. It has a high lifting and load capacity and is the ideal versatile truck for warehouses, supermarkets, and workshops.

  • Different lengths of fork
  • Variable load capacities  
  • Variable lift heights


The HC A-Series Rider Pallet Truck

Using the latest AC drive technology, this truck provides safety, performance, and low maintenance running costs. It’s designed for heavy duty and long-distance transportation of goods indoors. The rider pallet truck has a low centre of gravity and a 5-pivot design. It’s steel frame and chassis provide a larger load capacity and longer working life.

  • Different lengths of fork
  • 540mm outside fork width
  • Max load capacity 3000kg

The HC A-Series Counterbalanced Pallet Stacker

This electric pallet stacker is ideal for compact spaces, where arm stacker trucks are too large or unsuitable. It’s economical to run and low maintenance, making it a worthy investment. Warehouses, supermarkets, and workshops pick this stacker for ease of use.

  • Mast lift heights between 2000-5000mm
  • Different fork lengths available
  • Max capacity 2000kg

The HC A-Series High Range Stand-on Pallet Stacker with Reach Fork

Move goods forward and backward with the scissor fork extension system. This pallet stacker with reach fork acts as a counterbalanced stacker when the fork is extended. It can operate in narrow passages, handling non-standard pallets and enclosed shelves easily.

  • Mast lift heights between 2500-5500mm
  • Different fork lengths available
  • Max load capacity 1600kg


The HC A-Series Low Level Order Picker

Designed for long-distance transportation within production lines, the low-level order picker is built to be efficient and environmentally friendly. The low operator platform allows frequent and easy entry and exit.

  • Fork lengths between 1150-2150mm
  • Suited to aisle width of 3930mm and above
  • Max load capacity 2500kg

The above picks are some of the most useful lifting equipment for warehouses, but it’s by no means a full list. Your warehouse might need something a bit different, or you may want to improve the equipment you already have.

Whatever your current warehouse operations, there’s always room to make them more efficient with upgraded equipment. We help businesses source the forklift trucks and pallet stackers right for them. Picking the right equipment starts with a site survey and consultation. From this, we provide a report recommending the best vehicles and equipment for your team to use.

Working with HC as a UK partner means we have direct access to brand new equipment. As your supplier, we’re on hand for servicing and repairs too. It takes the hassle out of maintenance for our customers knowing they can call upon us anytime. 

Looking for lifting equipment for warehouses in Yorkshire? Get in touch with our forklift experts to discuss the problem on 0113 393 2881 or

Contact our friendly team for advice.

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