The benefits of on-site forklift driver training


With orders for new forklift trucks peaking in early 2016, it would appear that the demand for professionally-trained forklift truck drivers has increased in recent years, across a range of industries.

On-site forklift driver training is a fast and effective way to expand your resource so that it includes forklift operators.

Recognised forklift driver training is a long-term investment that’s beneficial both to the productivity of your business and the future of your employees.

Thinking of arranging on-site driver training? Here are five ways it can provide you with a valuable return on your investment:

  1. Keep your site safe and compliant

It goes without saying that forklift operators need to have the right training so that they can operate their vehicles safely. Offering on-site training is the convenient way to train your staff on how to properly operate their vehicles, helping to protect all your employees.

To stay compliant and up-to-date, staff who operate vehicles should receive forklift refresher training. Although there’s no set time stipulated for this, the recommendation is every three to five years.

  1. Have more drivers on hand when you need them

If you only need one forklift for your operations, it may seem sensible to have one or two people to operate it on a full-time basis. But what about if they’re off sick? Or if somebody leaves? What happens then?

Training several different team members to operate your forklifts means that your resources aren’t restricted to only a select few. Certified forklift drivers are an asset to any team and only serve to increase the efficiency of your whole department.

  1. Attract ambitious new employees

In today’s competitive job market, offering your staff the opportunity to learn a new skill is a valuable benefit that could help you attract ambitious new recruits.

While it may seem easier to hire someone who’s already accredited, arranging professional, on-site driver training will help to enrich your employee’s working experience and could help create greater job satisfaction.

Choosing a trusted training provider provides you with peace of mind that it has been delivered professionally to meet the standards required to keep your site safe too.

  1. Ensure your vehicles are cared for correctly

Training your employees to use their forklift trucks effectively will reduce the amount of wear and tear suffered at the hands of inexperienced operating techniques. Not only does this make your business a safer, more efficient place to work, it helps to reduce any overheads incurred by servicing and repairing your vehicles.

  1. Improve your overall efficiency

Ultimately, having a selection of properly trained forklift operators on-site will help you to manage your resource effectively and get more work done in less time. Although there’s a cost associated with training drivers – and keeping that training up-to-date – it’s a small price to pay for having a safe and efficient operation, at all times.

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